Meryl Streep’s Anti Trump Speech at the Golden Globes One to Remember

Meryl Streep's Anti Trump Speech

Sunday, January 8, 2017, was the Golden Globes. Meryl Streep accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award, which is basically a lifetime achievement award. But the biggest moment of the night? [Read More …]

An Early Look at Trump’s Cabinet Picks

A picture of the Senate Palace, where the cabinet meets

Not That Kind of Cabinet There are only ten days until President-elect Donald Trump assumes office. Washington DC is scrambling to get everything done in time for the exchange of [Read More …]

What Are The Republicans Going to Do About Obamacare?

The Capitol Hill complex

A Slight Recap Back in 2010, President Obama signed into effect a set of laws known as Obamacare. Since then, Republicans have attempted many times to repeal, block, and deny [Read More …]

Republicans Are Getting a Strong Start on Their New Year’s Resolutions

The Republicans elephant logo

What’s Up? After a holiday break that was entirely too short, we arrive back at work after New Year’s. Opening our newspapers, it seems that the Republicans haven’t let this holiday season [Read More …]

Chinese Mars Plan Aims to Reach the Red Planet by 2020

Raising a Red Flag

Chinese Mars plan aims to plant a Chinese flag on Mars by 2020 as pictured in this image.

The space race of the 1960s brought a country together. It put science and technology at the forefront while providing hope of a brighter future for the children of a [Read More …]

Trump Inauguration: Spectacle or Low Key?

Donald Trump inauguration

In the weeks leading up to Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony, rumors have been flying about what the ceremony itself will look like. Will it be a big-name celebrity bash? A [Read More …]

President Elect Trump Holds Odd Meeting With Kanye

What did these two actually talk about?

Trump Kanye

Yet another bizarre event for President Elect Donald Trump. On Tuesday the future Commander in Chief took time out of his packed schedule to meet with none other than controversial [Read More …]

Emperor Trump’s Guide to Abolishing Democracy in America


Emperor Trump sitting on his throne.

With the results of the recent election, many Americans are worried that democracy is eroding before their eyes. Many are fearful that the dismantling of the political system and unveiling of [Read More …]

Scott Pruitt for Head of EPA, Really?

The man who is suing EPA was just nominated to lead it.

scott pruitt

Scott Pruitt, the attorney general of Oklahoma, has been nominated to be the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. President elect Donald Trump nominated him earlier this week and is [Read More …]

Trump’s Plan to Isolate China from the Rest of the World

Walled In

Being fed up with its antics, Trump wants to isolate China from the rest of the world.

When we think about President-elect Donald Trump, a political mastermind isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, recent evidence suggests that we were mistaken all along. When looked at [Read More …]