Smart Home Tech — How Smart Is Your Home?

An Introductory Guide to Smart Homes and Smart Products

future of smartphones squidward

The Coolest New Things — Smart Homes Smart homes are like candy, everybody wants a piece. With all the cool new things your home can do for you with just Wi-Fi [Read More …]

Introducing Pie Tops: The Shoes That Order Pizza

Pizza Hut releases new shoes in conjunction with NCAA Basketball Tournament

Pizza hut delivery

Pie Tops: Pizza Shoes “There comes a time when the only way is the hard way. Ordering pizza is not that time.” So begins Pizza Hut’s new commercial featuring Pie [Read More …]

Roborace – Self-Driving Cars Racing at Nearly 200 mph

Roborace Driverless Car, Autonomous Car, in Formula E Driverless Racing

Racing is a popular sport around the world, whether it be NASCAR, IndyCar, or Formula 1. Formula E has recently made a minor splash, boasting the world’s first racing series [Read More …]

Robot Barista Serves Coffee in San Francisco

Meet Gordon, the robotic barista who delivers your coffee faster and more effectively

Robot Barista Cafe X by Henry Hu in San Francisco

Spelling Mistake Rates Fall Dramatically With Introduction of Robot Barista When Henry Hu saw robots building cars at the Volkswagen factory in Germany, he thought of a new way to [Read More …]

$20,000 Robots Destroying Each Other Could Be a Revolution in Entertainment


sawblaze vs overhaul battlebots

At a high school near you, you would imagine this scene. A young, skinny, pale kid talking about robotics, engineering, and electronics. The screams of NEERRDDDD would suddenly ring through the [Read More …]

New Aristotle Baby Monitor Announced – Are Robot Nannies Taking Over?

AI platform assists parents in raising children

aristotle baby monitor

Robots may be raising our children in the not so far off future. This summer, innovative toy-making company Mattel will debut a new smart monitor called ‘Aristotle.’ Similar to Amazon’s [Read More …]

Is 2017 The Year of Smartwatch? – Sales Expected to Grow

Year of the smartwatch 2017

Next Year Could Be the Year of the Smartwatch Is 2017 the year of the smartwatch? Technology companies sure hope so. Amid sluggish smartwatch sales in 2016, companies are hoping [Read More …]

Pinball is Legal in Indiana, After 61 Years

Pinball is legal in Indiana

It’s official: pinball is legal in Kokomo, Indiana. Wait, it was illegal? Last week, Mayor Greg Goodnight lifted the city’s ban on pinball that has been in place since 1955. [Read More …]

Will Super Mario Run be a Game Changer for Nintendo?

Running Out of Luck

Nintendo's Super Mario Run featured design.

Nintendo has hit a bit of a snag lately. While Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s XBox One are selling in record numbers, Nintendo’s Wii U isn’t faring as well. However, [Read More …]

Self Driving Car Company Unveiled by Google

Hands-off Experience

A concept image of the driverless car for Google's self driving car company.

Where are the flying cars promised in the 1960s? The city of the future isn’t here yet, but this sure is a step in the right direction. Google has announced [Read More …]