Snapchat Surgery Proves Snapchat is For More Than Just Selfies

London Physician Records First-Ever 'Snapchat Surgery'

Snapchat Surgery Dog Filter

Snapchat spectacles are among the hottest items on the market this holiday season. But, they are for more than just recording that great party you went to last night or [Read More …]

NASA and Stephen Hawking are Building a Nano Starship

Shooting for the Stars

Stephen Hawking and NASA are building a nano starship to Alpha Centauri.

We’ve all looked up on a cloudless, star-filled night and wondered what is out there. Perhaps we shall soon find the answer to that pressing question. An ambitious project backed by Stephen Hawking [Read More …]

Millennials Playing Nintendo NES Classic Are Missing Out

Millennials playing with nintendo NES classic

Nintendo NES Classic Released, Record Levels of Nostalgia Reported Nintendo caused quite a stir earlier this month when it released the NES Classic, a mini version of the system many [Read More …]

What Does Your Cell Phone Grime Say About You?

Shocking evidence from the world of microbiology!

Dirty Cell phone

Cell Phone Grime and You You know that grime left on your cell phone after you finish talking on it? Well, it could be even more valuable than a fingerprint, [Read More …]

FACT Goldschläger is an alcohol with real gold in it! The effect? BOOM!!

fact goldschlager

Originating in Switzerland, Goldschläger is a cinnamon schnapps which packs a mighty 43.5% alcohol by volume (Interesting fact Goldschläger actually reduced from the original amount of 53.5%!). Goldschläger is now produced [Read More …]

Is Boosted, Inc’s Boosted Board Really That Unsafe?

Boosted Inc. is an American manufacturer that has recently gained the attention of consumers. No, it’s not some sort of steroid. They created an “electric skateboard” product known as the [Read More …]

Amazon Review of Keyboard Waffle Iron Goes Viral

Keyboard Waffle Iron Chris Dimino

Hilarious Amazon Reviews It’s rare that Amazon reviews are a source of laughter. The usual suspects always include paid reviewers and disgruntled customers who seem to hate products no matter [Read More …]

The Oldest Unchanged Webpages Reveal How Fast the Internet Has Developed

oldest unchanged webpages

The oldest unchanged webpages should be in a virtual museum. These abandoned websites show the incredible progress the internet has made in the last twenty years. Welcome to Netscape, One of The [Read More …]

Aston Martin Baby Stroller Lets Your Baby Roll Like A Boss

They see me rollin'

Aston Martin Baby Stroller

The Aston Martin Baby Stroller is the new trend for rich people’s babies. The luxury automobile company that supplied the James Bond cars is now making baby strollers. If they decide to equip them [Read More …]

Snapchat Glasses Will Revolutionize Your Sexting Game

Snapchat is becoming "Snap Inc." with the introduction of a new product

snapchat glasses for sexting

If you’re familiar with the social media industry at all, you have surely heard of Snapchat – the app that allows users to send pictures and videos that erase themselves after being [Read More …]