Chinese Mars Plan Aims to Reach the Red Planet by 2020

Raising a Red Flag

Chinese Mars plan aims to plant a Chinese flag on Mars by 2020 as pictured in this image.

The space race of the 1960s brought a country together. It put science and technology at the forefront while providing hope of a brighter future for the children of a [Read More …]

Is 2017 The Year of Smartwatch? – Sales Expected to Grow

Year of the smartwatch 2017

Next Year Could Be the Year of the Smartwatch Is 2017 the year of the smartwatch? Technology companies sure hope so. Amid sluggish smartwatch sales in 2016, companies are hoping [Read More …]

Pinball is Legal in Indiana, After 61 Years

Pinball is legal in Indiana

It’s official: pinball is legal in Kokomo, Indiana. Wait, it was illegal? Last week, Mayor Greg Goodnight lifted the city’s ban on pinball that has been in place since 1955. [Read More …]

Data Hacking – What is It and What Can Do I Do About It?

Data Hacking

What Is It? Data hacking. Two scary words that can mean something as little as a few scandalous things posted to your Facebook… or something as huge as having your [Read More …]

Will Super Mario Run be a Game Changer for Nintendo?

Running Out of Luck

Nintendo's Super Mario Run featured design.

Nintendo has hit a bit of a snag lately. While Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s XBox One are selling in record numbers, Nintendo’s Wii U isn’t faring as well. However, [Read More …]

Self Driving Car Company Unveiled by Google

Hands-off Experience

A concept image of the driverless car for Google's self driving car company.

Where are the flying cars promised in the 1960s? The city of the future isn’t here yet, but this sure is a step in the right direction. Google has announced [Read More …]

Snapchat Surgery Proves Snapchat is For More Than Just Selfies

London Physician Records First-Ever 'Snapchat Surgery'

Snapchat Surgery Dog Filter

Snapchat spectacles are among the hottest items on the market this holiday season. But, they are for more than just recording that great party you went to last night or [Read More …]

NASA and Stephen Hawking are Building a Nano Starship

Shooting for the Stars

Stephen Hawking and NASA are building a nano starship to Alpha Centauri.

We’ve all looked up on a cloudless, star-filled night and wondered what is out there. Perhaps we shall soon find the answer to that pressing question. An ambitious project backed by Stephen Hawking [Read More …]

Supreme Court Sides with Samsung – What Does This Mean?

samsung vs iphone - samsung wins - supreme court

Back in mid-October, we published an article on the site about the Samsung v. Apple patent infringement case escalating to the Supreme Court.  On Tuesday, the Supreme Court ruled on [Read More …]

Apple Finally Admits to “Touch Disease” on iPhone

A Bad Apple

iPhone touch disease

In a story that would have Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, turning over in his grave, the electronics giant finally admitted to the existence of touch disease. However, the company didn’t [Read More …]