Spotify and Tinder Unite For Lovers Everywhere

You can now enhance your profile with a personal music selection!

Spotify and Tinder join forces

Spotify and Tinder have joined forces to fight loneliness by bringing music to its single community. Starting on September 20th of this year, you will now be able to link [Read More …]

Improve Your Photos with These Top Mobile Photography Apps

best mobile photography apps

These days, you don’t see too many people walking around using a real camera.  Instead, more people are relying on their phones to do what cameras used to.  If you’re [Read More …]

Marine Aquarium Lite

Marine Aquarium Lite

Aquariums are a great household item to have around. Besides being an awesome decorative piece, they are great to have as a hobby and a means of relaxation for most [Read More …]

MyTransitGuide Helps You Find Your Way

The MyTransitGuide app is the ultimate provider of transit maps, fares, trip planners, and schedules. Encompassing all types of transit—busses, trains, subways, and even car services and car rentals—it gives [Read More …]

EveryoneOn Reviews Internet Privilege


EveryoneOn Internet Connects People EveryoneOn reviews are piling in and as they do people want to know: Can EveryoneOn bring the internet to underprivileged people who need it most? If you [Read More …]

Google Deep Dream Goes Fear And Loathing

Have you heard about Google Deep Dream and what people are putting into it? So image about the worst nightmare you could have. Picture this, you are driving through the [Read More …]