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Internet Companies Hate This Grandma

Published on November 12, 2018 – San Diego, CA

This San Diego Woman Got Blazing Fast Internet For Practically Free, And So Can You

It all started earlier this summer, when local resident Linda Graham was trying to video chat with her two young grandchildren.

“All I really wanted to do was say hi to my grandkids,” She told us in an exclusive interview. “They’re both in preschool. I’d love to visit more often, but I have trouble driving long distances due to a physical condition.”

Unfortunately, her Internet was so slow, she simply couldn’t get the video to load. She tried to call her Internet company and ask why she was paying so much and getting so little. That’s when things started to go downhill.

What started as a simple customer service call turned into hours of screaming.


“I just got so mad,” she said. “I got put on hold for a long time. When I finally got through, I could tell they didn’t really listen or care about my problem!”

Linda was understandably upset, but like most of us, she felt powerless against the “all-powerful” Internet giant. However, that all changed when she received an unexpected visit.

As it happens, Linda has a nephew Brian who recently graduated from MIT. He had just stopped by to pay her a visit when she told him about all her Internet issues.

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Brian was FURIOUS.

“Internet companies want you to think that they can give you faster or slower Internet packages, but that’s not really the case,” Brian explained.

“In reality, they’re SLOWING your Internet down and then charging you more to give it back to you. It’s a disgusting way to make more money off people who don’t have a lot of tech knowledge.”

She asked him if he could use his skills and knowledge to help her unlock her Internet. Brian took some Internet cables and some wiring, and in about an hour, Linda’s Internet speed was faster than she’d ever seen it before!


Now this got Linda thinking. All her friends were having similar issues… could Brian possibly help them too?

Sure enough, by then end of the day all of Linda’s friends were enjoying the same blazing fast Internet that Linda had. That’s when the idea sparked.

Linda and Brian both decided that these money-grubbing Internet companies had made enough dirty money. They decided to help people all over the country get faster Internet without paying exorbitant prices. What they came up with surpassed even their expectations.

It’s called SUPERBOOST WIFI, and it’s the easiest way to boost home Internet speed without any additional fees or technical know-how.

The trick is the loophole that Brian had explained to Linda:


Internet companies essentially “lock down” your Internet when you sign up. They then sell you on their more expensive plans to get “faster” Internet, when all they’re doing is unlocking it for you. But it turns out unlock it yourself… they’re just trying to make an extra buck!

Of course, the moment these big Internet providers heard about this product, they immediately tried to shut it down. In fact, they are lobbying congress for regulation against SuperBoost WiFi at the time of this writing.

Because of this fear of being shut down, Linda and Brian have only made a limited number of units available to the public. To see if you qualify, click the button below to go to their website.

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