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Cop Cody Garrett’s Kitten Pic Sparks Proposal Frenzy

28-year-old South Carolina cop Cody Garrett took the web by storm this week, but not for the reasons you’re probably thinking.  The photo of Garrett and his kitten, Squirt, has touched hearts all across social

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Colton Haynes’ Brother-In-Law Warms Hearts With Gayby Apparel

When it comes to the LGBT community, the narrative is often one about a struggle for acceptance and a courageous fight for simple human rights.  But rarely does the story ever focus on the positive. 

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Patton Oswalt’s Tribute To Late Wife, Michelle McNamara, Will Crush You

The entertainment world was rocked by the sudden passing of Michelle McNamara, wife of comedian Patton Oswalt, on April 21.  Oswalt, who’s also known as a top voiceover artist and actor, has remained expectedly quiet. 

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Raising Men Lawn Care Service Goes Viral With One Photo

It was a simple act that required only a little bit of sweat but has sparked the admiration and tears of over a million people.  On April 23, Rodney Smith, Jr., founder of Raising Men

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