How I Escaped A $73,000 Insurance Scam

Inspired by true events, however certain names have been fictionalized for privacy purposes.

I’m a cautious driver, but extreme weather has dangerous effects on the road. As I was merging off the highway, I could feel my car slipping on the pavement as I rear-ended the car in front of me. Just my luck, it was a brand new Mercedes Benz. It had to cost over $100,000. Plus the driver must be some big shot corporate sales guy that’s going to sue me for every penny I have.

We both pulled over and got out of our cars. Sure enough, he looked the part; designer three-piece suit, expensive watch, he just screamed corporate asshole. He introduced himself and turns out, Nick is a great guy! We checked if there were any serious damages and joked about our girlfriends being bad drivers. We didn’t exchange any information, there was no damage.

WOW! I Dodged A Bullet

About three weeks later, an insurance adjuster called and told me I had to pay a $73,000 restitution fine for the damages on Nick’s vehicle; plus for his physical and mental health treatments. I tried to explain what happened but of course, the jerk from the insurance company didn’t believe me. He told me I had to come in the next day to give a statement and to decide how I wanted to move forward.

My Options Were:

  1. Pay the $73,000 in restitution fines

  2. Go through my insurance which will cost me a 700% increase in premiums plus the headache of a hit and run

“I Had Lost All Hopes For Our Justice System”

When I arrived at the claim center, the secretary escorted me into one of their meeting rooms. It looked more like an interrogation room, just like in Hollywood movies with the two-way mirrors. I sat there and waited for nearly an hour. When the adjusters finally came in, they immediately attacked me with lawsuits and went on about how a Hit and Run could result in a criminal record.

“They Wanted Me To Pay The $73,000, I Saw It In Their Eyes”

I laughed at there faces as I threw a USB stick on the table. I explained how I have a hidden dash cam installed in my car and I have the entire accident recorded. The adjusters watched the video and were not impressed. I guess they were supposed to make a hefty commission from this case… They instantly apologized for the confusion and to told me “Good Guy” Nick will be facing legal consequences. The adjuster also offered to replace my front bumper as an apology for what happened.

Insurance Scams Happen Everyday; Don’t Be A Victim of These Horrendous Crimes!

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