10 Best Julian Smith YouTube Videos

Julian Smith is an American actor, musical artist, and YouTube sensation. And trust us, he’s put out some of the most hilarious videos on the internet. Here are his 10 best:


We put this one on here because it’s apparently his most popular: with 28 million views. Ever noticed how you and your friends pronounce certain words differently? Like the word “milk?” Ever get into a deadly fight over this? No? Oh. Well this is awkward….

Never Get Naked in Your Shower

Some of Julian Smith’s most hilarious YouTube videos are his music videos. In this one, he’s determined never to get naked in his friend’s shower: only “in my shower, behind closed doors.” Isn’t that sweet?


Technically, this one is by Jeffery Dallas – Julian’s mentally challenged cousin (he ate a jellyfish). But as you may or may not know, Julian and Jeffery are in fact played by the same actor. In this video, Jeffery finds an unlikely friend in an ear of corn.


What do you do when the WiFi suddenly stops working? Panic? Have a nervous breakdown? Go outside?


This is another of Jeffery’s, and it’s one of the most popular videos by Julian Smith. It delineates the subtle difference between jelly fish and jellyfish.