10 Gun Tweets Jeb Bush Should Have Tweeted To America

Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush recently tweeted a photograph of an armour piercing 5.7mm semi-automatic pistol which is the current favourite choice of criminal drug dealers who run the Mexican Cartels.

The 5-7 FN pistol had Bush’s name engraved along the barrel and he tweeted the picture of it with just one word: America.

Did Jeb Bush’s pro-gun tweet win him support with the NRA? Perhaps, but is such a brutal weapon a true depiction of what America stands for?

Bush has been struggling to break out of the shadows of Donald Trump’s bombastic campaign for the Presidency but his tweet of this weapon proves that Trump isn’t the only candidate to make bad social media choices. But whereas Trump turns missteps into strengths, Jeb Bush flounders to get anyone to take him seriously.

Saddest of all is Jeb Bush’s apparent use of a firearm to gain traction in a Presidential Primary that he is losing. That just makes him look weak. So here are ten photos we wish Jeb Bush had the guts to tweet!

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