Coffee Fan? This 18K Machine Makes a Perfect Cup

Rich coffee maker

We all know there are some serious coffee drinkers in the world. And if you are one of those people, have we found the java maker for you. The Royal Coffee Maker is said to produce a perfect cup with each and every use. This machine is handmade by sculptor Jean-Luc Rieutort and is based on the 19th-century models used by royalty.

If you have $18,000, you can transform your morning java ritual into a royal experience.

The machine features a Baccarat carafe to hold grounds and a 24K pot to boil and hold the water. No. We are not pulling your leg.

The water will boil to a precise and perfect temperature and is then pulled into the pot via suction. And voila! Your morning (or afternoon or night) fix is complete. No more standing in line with the peasants at your local coffee shop, you can brew your own caffeine.

Detailing — Royal Coffee Maker from Royal Coffee Maker on Vimeo.

Nothing says “I am awesome like royalty” like having your own fancy and expensive brewer. Imagine the looks on your family and neighbors faces when you invite them into your top secret “brew room” to prepare them a cup of joe. You will be the envy of everyone you know.

Of course, with a price tag $18,000, you may have to do some creative financing to afford this royal java machine. We can only imagine how much the filters will cost. If you can afford it, we say “go for it.” But if you are struggling to make ends meet, perhaps you should stick to your local establishment.

If the Royal Coffee Maker is really your dream machine, we suggest you save up for it. There’s always a bank loan for those of you that cannot wait. After all, it does cost about the same as a small sedan. Please let us know what the bank says.