2016 Scandals. We Have Had a Heap of Them!

Year in Review: Best 2016 Scandals

2016 scandals have dominated the news and the airwaves for much of the year. All over the world, celebrities were caught behaving badly. What’s even worse is that many of these faux pas’ were caught on camera. When will they ever learn? Be careful what you do, there is always someone watching.

Since there were so many scandals and because we have limited space, we will list a few of the most memorable ones.

1. Ryan Lochte’s Big Lie.

Ryan Lochte's 2016 scandal. Source: SI.com.
2016 scandals were abundant. Ryan Lochte got caught in a big lie.
Source: SI.com.

This dude had everything going for him. He is an Olympic swimmer that always seems to be splashing in the shadow of his teammate, Michael Phelps. Desperately in need of some spotlight, he went to Rio and lied about being robbed at gunpoint. He then tried to take it back after a video surfaced showing he was straight up lying.

The bonehead move cost him his sponsors and earned him a ban by the Olympic Committee through June 2017. That doesn’t even include the $100,000 he lost in bonuses. What a knucklehead! We bet he wishes he could get a do-over.

2. Kimye Drama

Kimye, there's always drama with these two. Source: Rolling Stone.
Kimye, 2016 scandals ruled their lives. 
Source: Rolling Stone.

This couple. Wow. Where do we begin? It’s always something with the two of them. Apparently, they just love having their name in the spotlight. It all started when Kim was allegedly robbed at gunpoint in October while in Paris. Thieves supposedly took millions of dollars worth of jewelry. After that, Kim was no longer able to be found on social media. Perhaps we should keep some details of our lives private? Hmm.

And if that wasn’t enough, Kanye’s usually bizarre behavior went over the top and he had to be hospitalized after a psychotic breakdown in November. He canceled his San Pablo tour and sought treatment. We can only hope 2017 will be a better year for the couple. If not, we can only hope they will stay off social media.

3. Chumlee Got His Door Kicked In

Chumlee's 2016 scandal. He got his door kicked in. Source: Hollywood Life.
2016 scandals got Chumlee’s door kicked in.
Source: Hollywood Life.

Everybody loves Chumlee (Austin Lee Russell) from reality television’s Pawn Stars. Well, everyone except for the authorities. The fun-loving screw-up got locked up in March after police searched his home as part of a sexual assault investigation. After they found marijuana, methamphetamines, and a gun, he was charged with 19 counts of drug possession and a gun charge.

Chumlee took the plea deal in May and ended up with three years’ probation and promised to go to counseling. I guess the family would consider that a good deal.

Let’s hope these stars and others can keep their names out of the spotlight.