A Couple’s Engagement Ends in Heartbreak, but 50 Years Later, They Discover Something Amazing

Everybody loves a good love story. Seeing two star-crossed lovers find their special someone is a surefire way to melt your heart. Sometimes it’s easy. Love at first sight? That’s a real thing. But sometimes, some things in life just get in the way. Maybe it’s another guy who sweeps your lovely lady off her feet. Or maybe it’s the dreaded inlaws that make marriage an impossible task. Whatever it may be, we all want a perfect, storybook ending. So did Janice Rude and Prentiss Willson. These two found love, but it took them over 50 years to do it. Here’s the fairytale story of two lovebirds. It’s a beautiful story full of drama, heartbreak, and most importantly, love. This story will surely make you feel the warmth and happiness of true love.