8 Celebrities With Ugly Partners

Celebrities are celebrated for their good looks. Each and every part of their lives are admired and scrutinized. Some idolize other celebrities while some detest them. It is so easy to get a crush on celebrities. There are just too many reasons to fall in love with them. Their faces, smiles, style, voice, attitude, the way they treat fans… the way they perform, their works; the list is never ending. Many of us follow their day to day lives so closely that it almost feels like they are living next door. The advancement of social media has made the lives of celebrities so public that everyone knows what they are up to the minute they post it on Instagram. More often not, it is the choice of their life partners which befuddles the laymen. Many celebrities have partners who do not look as good the celebrities. While this obviously is of no problem to the celebrities and their partners, the fans continue to gape whenever this unlikely pair appears on their news feed. Below are some of the celebrities and partners who chose something more valuable than looks to be together. Or, if one was to be a bit  8 celebrities with ugly partners.

Celebrities with Ugly Partners: Lorde and James Lowe

lorde and James Lowe
Source: Wikipedia

Lorde is known for her brilliant songs and her prettiness. Her partner of 3 years, James Lowe, is a photographer and is constantly brutally criticized in social media for not being on par with Lorde’s looks. This celebrity couple is often cyber bullied in various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by fans and haters alike. James Lowe gave a fitting reply through his blog to all these hating going on for their unlikely pairing recently. The couple is focused on their relationship and had never let any of the criticisms ruin their precious relationship. Well, they seem to be setting their priorities right!