Best Things About Having a 90’s Childhood

Life of a 90's kid

The 90’s was a great time to be a kid. From grunge bands to Gushers, here are some of the highlights of our 90’s childhood. Hopefully it takes you back to the good old days.


Undoubtedly, one of the greatest things (if not THE greatest) about a 90’s childhood was the classic PBS show about an aardvark named Arthur. Despite the fact that most of us didn’t have a clue what an aardvark actually was, we still watched the show every day after school. And most of us can probably still sing the theme song. Some of the show’s highlights were Bionic Bunny (alter-ego of Arthur’s best friend Buster), and that one episode where everyone kept getting sucked into watching the show about singing ducks. DW was always ruining things for Arthur, but most of us sympathized with her. And we all wanted a pet dog like Pal. Also, we wouldn’t have minded having someone like the Brain to help us with our homework. And was anyone else bothered by the fact that that character didn’t seem to actually have a name?

Extremely short-lived boy bands

Backstreet Boys
Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you were a 90’s kid, you probably had a favorite boy band. Maybe it was the Backstreet Boys or NSYNC. I seem to remember the elementary school student body being split into factions on this subject. Because you could only like one of these bands. And all the others were crap. How many playground battles were fought on this subject I don’t know and I’m not sure I want to.

Sugary fruit snacks

Sugary Snacks fruit rollups fruit gushers fruit by the foot
Source: Wikimedia Commons

They were healthy, because they had fruit in the title. Fruit Roll-Ups, Fruit Snacks, and the all-important Fruit Gushers – which were usually a little painful, actually, but for some reason it seemed worth it at the time. Gogurt was also a thing. Though, ironically, squeezing yogurt out of that plastic proved to be much harder than just eating yogurt with a spoon.

Life before 9/11

Dead People
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Life was good in the 90’s. We may not have all been able to agree on which boy band was the best. But at least we could all agree that music was pretty great. And anything with fruit in the title was healthy. And we all knew Arthur would always sort out his problems in the end, and realize that he loved DW, and everything would be peachy. Bombs weren’t even on our radar, and terrorism wasn’t in our vocabulary.

A lot of things have changed since our 90’s childhood. The world has become more violent, more complicated, and infinitely more full of a preponderance of boy bands. But we can still buy Fruit Snacks. And if we go on YouTube, we can even watch Arthur.