18 Jaw Dropping Wedding Dress Fails

According to widely circulated statistics, 40-50% of all marriages will end in divorce. But a lot happens before a couple finally calls it quits. Before the divorce papers are filed or a legal separation takes place, there’s that special day most couples dream of: the wedding day.

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The blushing bride-to-be will saunter down the aisle in the white wedding dress of her dreams. However some of these wedding dresses are so bad, they may be the reason a new husband needs to get divorced. You may want to avoid getting married altogether after seeing these 18 epic wedding dress fails.

1. The Little Fabric That Could

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fat bride

Unless this bride’s wedding was taking place in a strip club or a brothel, there’s just no excuse.

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This is what happens when you only have enough money left in your wedding budget to get your wedding dress at The Body Shop. And your correct size is sold out.