Beer Yoga: Because Everything Goes Better with Beer

Germany has some great ideas and not so great ideas. This definitely goes under the great ideas list though. Beer yoga was invented there and now its moving to a yoga studio near you!

In Germany, during beer yoga, yogis hold a yoga pose while enjoying their brews. Here in America, things are a little different. We haven’t quite mastered the ability to multitask to this level. Instead, brews are offered after their sessions and aren’t expected to be consumed during. Practicers don’t mind the difference though. It does wonders for the body and mind!

Where Does Beer Yoga Come From?

Beer and yoga don’t exactly seem like they would go hand in hand. Most yogis you’d expect to grab some fresh made juice or a smoothie. Not these yogis. Not anymore. Instead they are following the traditions of Bier yoga from Germany.

Using beer and yoga as a traditional medicine is actually nearly two centuries old. It just took until recent years to marry the two together to create an amazing new concept. It is believed that the good natured atmosphere that accompanies beer compliments that of the spiritual side of yoga. Together it feeds your soul and brings you closer together with the people that you are with.

While it’s still relatively new to the United States, it seems to be catching on rather quickly. Googling beer yoga can quickly lead to results closer to home then you would expect. Most of these places have interesting and fun names too like “Downdogs and Draughts” in Helena, Montana.

Beer Yoga for Better Communities

Girl doing yoga on giant beer bottle
Source: Pixabay

Those who practice this new form of yoga take the experience very seriously. It’s no laughing or joking matter for someone to balance a bottle on their head while they are on one leg. Instructors take pride in real yoga techniques and teachings but just add in some fun with it. While most studios don’t offer brews in house, a trip to a local brewery takes place right after the lesson.

Is there a better way to enjoy some body, mind, and soul love then to do some downward dogs and head out to the local pub? These yogis definitely have us sold on the idea.

The great thing about this trend is that it brings together some health benefits and helps to improve your friendships. It brings yogis together in ways that they would’ve never imagined. Whether you’re taking your friend or just hanging out with your fellow yogis, its a great way to unwind. I believe this is a trend that is going to stick around for awhile as it builds communities and encourages laughter among a very stress free following.