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Fuller House Exclusive: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Vince Gilligan Join Full House Reunion

Breaking Bad Actor Bryan Cranston confirmed today that he will replace Bob Saget in the reboot of the widely loved defunct sitcom Full House. Details of the reboot, which is to be called Fuller House, were first announced by John Stamos on Jimmy Kimmel Live last month. Until recently no details have been announced other than Stamo’s public feud with twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and whether they had even been invited.

Vince Gilligan and Bryan Cranston
Vince Gilligan and Bryan Cranston

Newly appointed Fuller House producer and Breaking Bad creator, Vince Gilligan, put the feud to rest. “Clearly the Olsen Twins were not invited,” Gilligan said, “they are twins but they only play one person. In the eighties you could pay two babies because babies are cheap. But as adults I don’t need double trouble on my payroll.”

“And Uncle Jessie had nothing to do with us cutting out Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson. I mean why would anyone put John Stamos in charge of anything. I certainly wouldn’t put him in charge of casting. The guy can’t even act, which is why in episode one “Up To Our Necks In Trouble” Danny Tanner (played by Bryan Cranston) slits uncle Jesse’s throat with a drum cymbal.”

“But Danny misses the jugular so Jesse’s still alive and there is this hilarious scene where he is running around not sure what to do. At one point he tries to finish Jesse off by smothering him with one of DJ’s old teddy bears. But that doesn’t work either. So Tanner ends up strangling Jessie with an electric guitar string, sort of like how he garrotted Krazy 8 in Season 1 episode 3 of Breaking Bad.”


“It’s a dark start to the first episode but we know there are high expectations for this reboot and I think fans of Breaking Bad will be pleased.”

Fans of the original Full House are going to love the part where Tanner has to remove Jessie’s corpse from the upstairs loft but DJ has homework and that golly-darned Kimmy Gibbler keeps asking Mr. Tanner why his shirt cuffs are covered in blood.

“He said how would you like to avenge the death of Pamela Tanner but honestly I didn’t even know who Pamela Tanner was.”

– Bryan Cranston

Pamela Tanner the True Victim of Full House
Pamela Tanner the True Victim of Full House

Bryan Cranston is equally excited; “The role of Walter White was one of the greatest rolls in the history of television so where do you go after that? I had an offer to make a film with Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr. but the script was crap and I needed more of a challenge. That’s when Vince offered me the roll of Danny Tanner. He said how would you like to avenge the death of Pamela Tanner but honestly I didn’t even know who Pamela Tanner was.”

Fans of Full House may also not remember Pamela Tanner either as she never actually appeared on the show other than in footage of an old home movie. In the premise for the original Full House Pamela Tanner was Danny’s wife who had been killed by a drunk driver. No other details were ever explained which is one reason Gilligan decided to take the project on.

“The show was built on complex character studies of self-obsessed narcissists who worry about their petty and easily solved problems at a time when world leaders were on the verge of wiping out humanity and destroying the entire planet with nuclear Armageddon,” said Gilligan, “that’s solid material to work with.”

“The death of Pamela Tanner is something that has stayed with me for years. I was so glad they didn’t close it off or even write the show with any indication that anything bad happens in life other than your wife dying so you can live with your buddies.”

“For the full house reboot I had to ask one question,” Gilligan said. “What if Uncle Jesse was the drunk driver who killed Pamela? Or better yet, what if Uncle Jesse took the fall for killing Pamela but only did it to protect Uncle Joey. That way Danny Tanner could kill Uncle Jesse by mistake and then still have to kill Uncle Joey too. Frankly I think that’s what fans of Breaking Bad want to see.”

Gilligan has however promised that not everyone in the cast will meet their death at the hands of Bryan Cranston’s Danny Tanner. Gilligan has praised original Full House cast member Jodie Sweetin and promised to include her prominently.

“Jodie just blew me a way when we sat down for lunch,” he said, “she changed my whole thinking on Full House and what it does to kids. For years she was addicted to Meth and she’s a huge fan of Breaking Bad. So she’s someone I can work with.”

Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul As Kimmy Gibbler’s Boyfriend Duane

“Expect Less Jesse Katsopolis & More Jesse Pinkman”

Rumors have also swirled around Aaron Paul joining the cast as well. Gilligan confirms: “Aaron is the kind of actor that lives a part. He can embody a roll like Brando, Pacino, De Niro or Hoffman. He can portray a meth addict or he can do Macbeth. He is simply the finest actor of his generation and that is why I want him to play the roll of Kimmy Gibbler’s boyfriend Duane, the guy who only says “whatever.”

Aaron is already working on the part and I assure you he has nailed saying “whatever” and come up with ways to say it that will make you laugh, make you cry and make you despise the brutality of Danny Tanner. When Duane finally discovers that Danny killed Uncle Jesse he delivers the best “whatever” that you will ever hear.