Charlottesville Concert Promotes Peace and Unity

Dave matthews band concert
Source: Wikimedia Commons

“A Concert For Charlottesville: An Evening Of Music And Unity” is being put on by the Dave Matthews band to support and raise money for those affected by the violence of the white nationalist and neo-Nazi rallies earlier this year. The event is meant to bring peace and unity to the area and benefit the families of those affected and the first responders that assisted them.

This is what we need more of in the world today. In a time when violence has been dominating the headlines around the world, this peaceful concert is intended to bring healing to the Charlottesville area. The “Unite the Right” rally on August 11, 2017, left several people dead and many others injured after a white supremacist drove his car through a crowd of protestors.

There will be performances by Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, Chris Stapleton, Ariana Grande, and Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes. Cage the Elephant will even make an appearance at the free concert. There will also be performances from The Roots and many other special guests. It is meant to bring a message of hope to a city that has experienced so much tragedy.

In the last few months, the country has experienced multiple tragedies. We have seen violence, hurricanes, and flooding, but we have also seen people pull together to help each other in times of need. This Charlottesville concert and the actions of many after the hurricanes and flooding have shown us that there are still good, decent people in the world.

“A Concert For Charlottesville: An Evening Of Music And Unity” will air Sunday night, September 24, 2017,  at 6 pm EST. The concert is free and gives everyone the chance to listen to some great music while we heal as a nation. Music is the one thing that has the ability to unite the masses.