10 Best David Bowie Surprise Duet Performances

David Bowie passed away from Cancer on January 10th 2016. One of the most loved musicians of all time, Bowie was an inspiration to many generations of musicians. And a lucky few stars from Bing Crosby to Tina Turner to Arcade Fire had the honour of performing with him.

In recognition of one of the greatest lives Rock and Roll lives lived we give you the 10 Best David Bowie Surprise Duet performances. These videos prove how versatile, talented and respected David Bowie was as a performer, musician and human.

F*ck Cancer! Let’s Dance!

RIP David Bowie.

David Bowie and Arcade Fire at the 2005 Fashion Rocks


David Bowie and Freddy Mercury

Perhaps David Bowie’s most famous collaboration with the unparalleled Freddy Mercury who died in 1991 of¬†complications from HIV AIDS. If this tight song sounds like an improvised jazz scat that’s because it is. The song came from a jam session Bowie had with Queen. The result is one of the best rock songs in history by two of the most loved vocalists of their time.