The Pessimist’s Take on Daylight Savings Time

DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME - why i hate it

Praise the calendar gods, you got an extra hour of sleep this weekend! Though realistically, your plans of coming into the office an hour early to beat the 5 o’clock traffic probably stalled when you realized how comfortable your bed could be at 7am. If you’re like me, this past weekend, you went around your house, setting all your clocks back an hour, then woke up the next morning and annoyingly fixing the ones you missed. Daylight Savings Time is probably one of the weirdest times of the year, where your bodily clock is jolted as if you were hit by one of the hardest-hitting safeties in the NFL.

Spring Forward – Still Too Tired

In the spring, it hits you the hardest. Studies have shown a decrease in work productivity and an increase in traffic accidents following the dreaded “spring forward”. People are tired, and you can hear the griping about Daylight Savings Time weeks before it actually happens. Yes, you’ll get an hour of extra sunlight. And it does mark a change towards that hot summer you’ve been dreaming about. But it comes at the cost of your alarm clock blaring at what you perceive as an ungodly hour.

The only thing to look forward to after that is you groggily trying to get to work, fighting through traffic or getting bumped around on a crowded bus. Then, all day at work, it’ll be the same horrible routine, punctuated by the same horrible, overpriced coffee, before not being able to fall asleep when darkness does fall. What a great day to get a case of the Mondays.

Fall Back – It’s Too Dark

Daylight Savings it gets dark early
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In the fall, it’s not as bad. You get an hour extra of sleep. It’s a gentle reminder that Old Man Winter will come and bless the streets with snow, holiday cheer, and Peppermint Lattes. But it does come at a cost. Firstly, snow is bad. When you were a kid, you could indulge in a friendly snowball fight, hours of sledding, or sacrificing a perfectly good carrot to give your snowman a bright orange nose (or something else, if you were an immature prick like I was).

But we’re adults now. Winter means aching joints, higher heating costs, and idiot drivers who should never have been on the road in the first place. It also gets dark abysmally early. In December, you’ll often find yourself in the dark both commuting to and back home from work.

Daylight Savings Time – What is There to Enjoy?

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Not that much, really. We mentioned the extra sunlight and the holiday cheer, but being the pessimist I am, I can’t see much to look forward too on either of these days. Have some things to look forward to that I can think about to cheer me up? Let us know how you make Daylight Savings Time more bearable.