Here are the funniest Donald Trump Memes

Donald Trump memes may not suffice to predict his chances of being elected president, but they sure are crowning him as the current “Lord of Memes”.

Everyone would agree that Trump is an entertainment wizard. He has the capacity to generate a variety of emotions and feelings in his audience; from anger to admiration, love to hate and from mock to adoration. He is an actor, and he does it well.

Many who possess an artistic soul and some photoshop skills are using this man of many faces as a source of inspiration. While many Donald Trump memes focus on his distinguishing choice of hairstyle, many other Donald Trump memes are trying to manifest a political criticism in an enjoyable manner.

Armed with quick mouse clicks, sharp minds, healthy humour and some aesthetics skills, contemporary photoshop users came up with a new way to express themselves – the Memeionism.

We gathered some of their finest creations for you to judge – which is the funniest Donald Trump Meme?

New hair dye from L’OREAL – Trumpish yellow.

Trump Loreal Dye Blond Hair


You don’t want to mess with Jabba the Trump, the force is very strong with him.

Jabba The Trump Meme