Doris Payne: 86 Year Old Jewel Thief Back At It Again

Doris Payne loves bling. She loves it so much, the elderly jewel thief has spent the last six decades helping herself to it in various stores around the globe. At first appearance, Payne looks like a typical grandmother. But beneath the head of silver-gray hair and the charming smile lies the mind of one the most devious divas around. The 86 year old jewel thief was once again arrested in a Georgia mall three days ago.

The Early Life of Doris Payne, the Elderly Jewel Thief

This legend got her start at the age of 20 when she lifted her first diamond, and after that, she couldn’t stop. She’s taken about $2 million worth of jewelry from all over the world in her lifetime. Retirement is definitely not in the cards for Doris Payne as she was already on probation for a 2014 theft charge in a different Georgia mall.

One of America's most famous jewel thieves, Doris Payne. Source: Variety.
One of America’s most famous jewel thieves.
Source: Variety.

Some old habits are hard to break, no matter how old you are. The elderly jewel thief expresses no regrets about her love of baubles and does it for the thrill. It’s hard to believe this little old lady has been all over the world and helped herself to lots of pretty things. Her pleasant disposition and elegance could help too. It’s not like she’s ever taken any jewels at gunpoint. She just doesn’t seem the type.

But with jewelry stores around, an elderly jewel thief can’t just put a diamond necklace in her back pocket and make her exit. That is what Payne allegedly did the other day. It doesn’t matter how charming you are. You just can’t do it.

86 Year Old Jewel Thief Behind Bars

Doris Payne, elderly jewel thief. Source: Associated Press.
A beautiful, elderly jewel thief. 
Source: Associated Press.

Some jewelry store owners find her charming personality outdoes her dastardly deeds, which is why she can get away with it. Either way, Doris Payne may be spending the holidays behind bars for her love of jewels. This 86 year old jewel thief doesn’t look like she’s planning to stop anytime soon.