5 Things We Just Love About Eden Sher

The star from the all-time favourite TV series The Middle, Eden Sher, is an American actress and is also known for her appearances in many other movies such as The Outskirts and The Temps. She is well known for her character as Sue Heck in The Middle and was able to win the best supporting actress in the 2013 Critics choice awards. There are many qualities of her which have made her fans love her even more. These are some facts which we love about the beautiful and young star Eden Sher.

The Life of Fame is Not As Exciting As You May Think Which She is Leading

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It is obvious that Hollywood stars’ weekends are exciting. When comparing to the ways that famous Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan spend their off times, the way that young Sher spends her nights and weekends is quite different. Instead of celebrating her success of being an iconic star by partying during the nights or by tripping to Las Vegas for the weekend, she prefers to spend her time sleeping. “I love to sleep during the time we don’t film The Middle because we film it during the whole week and it is tiring” she said during an interview. So this is how Sher spends her off time in between her busy schedules.

Eden Sher: Not a Big Cross Country Fan as Seen in the Series

There are many actors who have learned a new activity such as a new martial art or to play an instrument to support the role that they are playing in the movie or a TV series . Often, they happen to love the newly found talent. Eden Sher doesn’t seem to be excited about cross country as an activity as she does during her role. She quoted that she was never interested in cross country even when she was schooling. It seems to be a lot of hard work and weird sport to learn and follow.

She Loves Her Wardrobe For Sue – The Yellow Sweat Shirt.

Alex Trebek thinks I’m worth $600! I’VE MADE IT!!!!!

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The actress admires the wardrobe which she has as the actress in The Middle and she loves the fact that she doesn’t have to think too much about her outfits. Sher enjoys walking in her yellow cross country sweat shirt. She mentioned in an interview that she enjoys dressing up in a uniform and going to school, and not having to think of the outfits. The beautiful actress is loved by her fans because of the qualities she carries within her. Even though she’s famous, she loves to dress simple and as a bonus, she is always warm.

In Case if the Writers Run Out of Story Ideas, Sher’s Kind of Ready For It

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The story of The Middle is being so creative and interesting for the fact that it’s being written around the real life stories of the people around the writers. Sher added that her life may not be that interesting to be able to include one of them in the episodes. But she had story where she dressed up as gum covered in pink attire. But unfortunately it was not seemingly interesting for the editor. Hopefully in the future, she will come up with a great story!

Yes, the Braces Are Real

Sue Heck Braces
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The braces Sher wears when playing the role of Sue turns out to be the ones which she actually wore for five long years. She had been wearing the braces when she was young and grew up with them and through Sue’s character, she gets to re-live her childhood memories. Why would anyone not love her for her soul and character?