Meet Egor Tarabasov, Lindsay Lohan’s New Fiancé

Recently, there has been a lot of speculation and talk about Lindsay Lohan and her new chosen one. Who is Egor Tarabasov? Where did he come from and how did they meet? Many of Lindsay Lohan’s fans have a lot of questions and we are here to answer them!

Egor Tarabasov and Lindsey Lohan

Who is Egor Tarabasov?

Egor Tarabasov was born in Russia to an extremely successful wealthy family. His father, Dmitry Tarabasov, is a self made millionaire who became very wealthy after the fall of the iron curtain. Egor Tarabasov is only 22 years old, a graduate of Cass Business School and currently lives in London, as does Lohan. That fact he is heir to a multi-million dollar fortune probably doesn’t harm their relationship.

Dimiotry Tarabasov and Lindsey Lohan hidding

Egor’s father, Dmitry Tarabasov, owns many businesses in Moscow and has connections in the Kremlin. He has taken after his father’s entrepreneurial spirit. He has actually started his own successful real estate business called “Home House Estates”. Clearly, he is ambitious and hard working, even though he comes from a successful family and doesn’t need to work.