Emperor Trump’s Guide to Abolishing Democracy in America

With the results of the recent election, many Americans are worried that democracy is eroding before their eyes. Many are fearful that the dismantling of the political system and unveiling of Emperor Trump is just a matter of time. However, not all hope is lost, democratic breakdown happens when it is unexpected. So, here is your guide to the warning signs of an impending reign of Emperor Trump.

Emperor Trump’s Massive Rallies

Trump help massive rallies coast to coast.
Source: Flickr

Any good cult leader knows the importance of holding extravagant rallies and riling up crowds. And President-elect Trump is no different. Having forgotten that campaigning season is over, he is still holding rallies. The only difference — he’s calling it a thank you tour. You could call it whatever you want, Emperor Trump, but we’re onto you.

Jail Political Opponents

During general election campaigning we’ve already heard multiple calls from Trump and his supporters to jail Hillary Clinton. Do you know who else jails opponents? Emperors, that’s who! If no one is around to criticize you, it is much easier to have your way.

Control the Media

Donald Trump has mastered the art of tweeting.
Source: Vanity Fair

It is the rule of the land: he who controls the media controls the people. But, “The media hates Trump,” you may argue. And you would be correct. However, you are forgetting that there is more than one way to skin a cat or become emperor.

In today’s day and age, it’s all about digital conquest. There is a new sheriff in town: social media. And who is better at evoking emotions using social media than Trump? No one, that’s right! Nevertheless, if Emperor Trump decides to take the traditional route, we are sure he’ll always have the backing of Fox News.

Befriend the Unbefriendable

Everyone needs allies, even a ruthless emperor. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Trump has made strides towards befriending outspoken leaders. Think Trump and Duterte. Bloodshed and human rights violation are small potatoes on the road to becoming supreme leader. It is but a small price to pay to become emperor.

A Common Enemy

Minorities are worried about a Trump presidency and a potential Emperor Trump.
Source: Indian Country Today

Any emperor worth his crown would tell you the importance of having a common enemy. Something that the population can rally around. You won’t find a more vulnerable group to target than minorities and other disadvantaged groups. Seems like Emperor Trump has it made easy.

Remove Term Limits

Last but not least, you can’t let something as trivial as term limits stand in your way if you want to become emperor. If Donald Trump was able to convince half of America that he would make a good president, convincing the Republican-controlled House and Senate to abolish term limits should be easy as pie.

After reading all of this you may be thinking that the notion of an Emperor Trump is impossible. Perhaps you are right. But then again, in April if we told you that Donald Trump would win the presidency, what would you have said to us? And here we are today.