EveryoneOn Reviews Internet Privilege

EveryoneOn Internet Connects People

EveryoneOn reviews are piling in and as they do people want to know: Can EveryoneOn bring the internet to underprivileged people who need it most?

If you haven’t yet heard about or visited EveryoneOn.org, lets do some catch up here. EveryoneOn is an internet movement sponsored by the Knight Foundation, Carlos Slim Foundation and Wasserman Foundation and its goal is simple: bring high speed internet to disadvantaged people who need it.

In times of Climate Change, ISIS terrorist atrocities and wars raging around the world, you might not think that high speed internet is a major non-profit issue. But you’d be wrong.

EveryoneOn helps kids succeed.

And to be fair to EveroneOn.org there is more to their vision than just high speed internet. In more specific terms what they want to do is ensure that disadvantaged kids are connected and benefiting from the power of the internet.

So how can EveroneOn change lives? In many ways! As our lives migrate more and more to the internet future generations will be dependant on their ability to utilize technology. From shopping, to online dating, the internet is moulding how we live. Businesses everywhere expect digital fluency.

As an example take a disadvantaged youth in say Fresno, California. Lets call him Christopher Gardner (the young boy in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness who is played by Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith.) Now let’s contrast Christopher with an affluent youth in say Malibu, California. How about Jaden Smith?

So we have two kids: Christopher from Fresno and Jaden from Malibu.

Lets say Jaden has the highest speed internet possible with access to the top digital devices and desktop computers.  Christoper does not even have a computer and his mother could never afford to buy him a mobile device.

Jaden is at ease with social media. He posts selfies. Understands mobile security settings. Can communicate in text lingo and has a full understanding of social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook and snapchat.

Christopher doesn’t have a computer. Did we mention that yet? So he lacks basic skills he will need to socialize, do better at school and seek proper employment.

Do you want to help kids learn with EveryoneOn?

Now lets talk about the two’s future prospects! Okay we get it, Jaden Smith is a movie star son of a movie star. Not fair. But lets pretend that he needs to work for a living and is applying for an entry level job and the other candidate is Christopher.

What are employers looking for? First of all they are looking for applications by email or through online website portals such as the Monster Jobs board. Already Christopher needs  EveryoneOn’s help. His lack of digital fluency can restrict him from even finding jobs to apply for let alone landing those jobs like a boss.

Internet fluency is no game. Internet Fluency is a set of skills that even entry level jobs require. We may think teenagers spend too much time surfing the internet but there are skills that come from that. And someone like Christopher needs to develop them.

EveryoneOn aims to fix that. Not all of us can have the luck and fortune of a Jaden Smith but disadvantaged kids should have the basic tools they need to thrive in the modern world.

This is why one of EveryoneOn’s goals is to give Free Basic Digital Literacy Training

Free Basic Digital Literacy Training

EveryoneOn collaborates with libraries to provide free Internet Fluency courses in thousands of training sites located around the country. Just think about your own life and how many times you have benefited from your digital life. Have you ever landed your dream job through an online application? How did that change your life? How did landing your dream job shape your career?

You know it can and you know that it should, not just for those with resources but particularly for those who need help to pull themselves up in life and live the American Dream.

Just consider EveryonOn’s program called Connect2Compete (C2C). The name kind of says it all. But how does it work? K-12 students get affordable Internet and digital if they qualify for the National School Lunch Program. That’s smart thinking! If you get the National School Lunch Program then you can also benefit from Connect2Compete.  C2C is delivered in partnership with leading cable companies, including Cox, Bright House Networks, MediaCom, Suddenlink, Comcast’s Internet Essentials and a bunch of others.

Eligible customers receive fast, affordable Internet for as low as $9.95 per month (plus tax). And other financial barriers have been lifted. There is no deposit required, contracts to sign, or installation fees. And they are not charged extra for things like modem rental fees.

Check out EveryoneOn and Connect2Compete

It’s a great cause that can help people succeed. Maybe you are at that person or its your child who will rise above life’s digital obstacles with the help of EveryoneOn.