Female Kicker in NFL? Adams State Student Up for Challenge

Professional football is full of super talented athletes. Perhaps the only thing the league is missing is a woman. Well, if Arizona high school student Becca Longo has her way, that’s about to change. Her goal is to be a kicker for the NFL. She is already the first woman to be on scholarship at a Division II level or higher college, so her plan may not be out of reach for her.

The Arizona high school graduate signed a letter of intent to play college football for Adams State in Colorado. In addition to playing for the Grizzlies football team, she will also play basketball. Longo decided she wanted to kick for her high school football team during her freshman year at the school. She started by kicking field goals and extra points and converted 35 of 38 extra point attempts.

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It wasn’t until February that the kicker heard back from Adams State when an assistant coach came out to her school. After performing well in front of the coaches at an on a campus visit, she was offered a scholarship. She committed to playing basketball for the school soon after. Longo is ready to compete and if she plays her cards right, the NFL may not be out of her reach.

Although she has a strong leg and is competitive, does she have what it takes to make it in the NFL? It’s hard to say. Traditionally, the position of a kicker is a challenging one. It’s not enough to be able to kick the ball, you have to be able to handle all the pressure and the flying bodies trying to block the kicks that come with it. Will a woman be able to withstand the hits?

Only time will tell. Longo will start her football career at Adams State in Colorado in the fall. We’ll have to watch and see how she does as her college career progresses.