Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale: Ewws and Ahhs

Spoiler Warning! If you have not seen Game of Thrones S7E7, prepare to be spoilered!

Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale, The Dragon and the Wolf, gave the 30 million plus Thronies some much-awaited plot resolution. However, it has left the fandom with more questions.

Game of Thrones

For years now, cult fans have been rooting for their favs to win the Iron Throne. Most people team with either Jon Snow, the King in the North, or Daenerys Targaryen, the First of Her Name, the Unburnt, the Lady Most Likely To Be Topless, the Woman With So Many Name Titles She Can’t Order A Starbucks…

Episode Recap

Jaime FINALLY tells Cersei no, thank The Seven. The Stark sisters make up. The bastard becomes a trueborn heir. Theon wins a fist fight (the one time not having the equipment actually helped someone out). And the wall falls.

The Really Cool Dragon Scene

Viserion the dragon had been speared with an ice javelin and turned into a wight. He blows his icy lightning fumes and tumbles the great impenetrable ice wall down in minutes. Now the Night’s Watch is wishing Mexico would’ve paid for that wall, because they need a new one.

Twist and Twist Again

Lena Headey played a convincing part as Cersei agreeing to band and fight the army of the dead. But we should’ve known Cersei had no intention of together fighting the undead, and instead she’s using the situation to shore up her dominion over Westeros.

Most Thronies are proud of Jaime, who has been developing his moral muscles over time, when he finally does the right thing and says no to his sister lover to ride off and join the fight in the Great War. Cersei gives the signal to her hulking bodyguard to kill Jaime for this “treason”, but The Mountain also says no to her.

Well, The Mountain doesn’t speak, so technically he didn’t say anything. He just stood there. But you get the point.

So, viewers are left with these questions about the scene:

  • Did The Mountain defy his queen or was her threat just another farce in an attempt to control Jaime?
  • Does The Mountain even have higher decision-making abilities in his Frankensteinish brain?

Either way, the queen is having a sh*t day.

The Betrayal of The Betrayer

One of the many appealing aspects of this show is J. R. R. Martin not being afraid to kill off the main character(s). In GoT the good guys don’t always win or even survive, and the bad guys get away with too much badness way too long. So it’s like real life.

One of the major players is killed off almost every week. This time Littlefinger, the spymaster who manipulated and double-crossed everyone he knew, was finally on the threshing floor.

game of thrones Littlefinger

Seeing Littlefinger bleed out from a swift slash to the throat was satisfying to our innate desire for justice. And a sweet justice it was; the man who rose to power through worming, plotting and murdering was deceived and murdered.

But on the other side of the Braavosi coin, how in the Westerosi world did the great artist of subterfuge believe that Sansa so quickly imbibed his sibling rivalry story?

  • How did this great schemer not smell something amiss?
  • Had he grown overly confident in his skills?
  • Had love, however warped, blinded him?
  • Or had Sansa’s naivety fallen off like a dress she’d outgrown, and now the student became the teacher?

Sansa knew her sister never wanted to be the Lady of Winterfell when Arya’s entire m.o. has been to avoid becoming a lady. “No, that’s not me”, Arya has been saying since Season 1.

Shocks, Awws, and Ewws

Theon, the cowardly squid, receives some forgiveness from Jon Snow. Jon is a merciful character, but the compassion shown in the Dragonstone throne room was downright saintly.

Jon and Dany

Finally, the attraction between Jon and Dany has been building and they make love, just as the audience learns they are blood relatives. Fans are understandably confused and conflicted about how to feel about that scene. Twitter is blowing up with “Yay!” and “Eww!”, sometimes in the same Tweet.

Bran advises Samwell that they need to tell Jon who he really is. You think? Yeah, like yesterday. Last week. Or even this morning would’ve been nice, Bran.

One thing is clear, there are a still a lot of answers we are waiting for in the final season. And who will win the Iron Throne? Let’s hope it’s not the Night King.