What Other Games Will the Batman VR Game Inspire?

The new trailer for the Batman VR (or Virtual Reality) game has dropped and it has people talking. The preview doesn’t show much game play, mostly just excited users talking about how fun the game is. The thought of getting to have the first person view of Batman is a fun experiment. The Arkham series of games are already widely popular and introducing a new element that will let players feel even more immersed in the dark and violent world of the caped crusader could be one of the smartest ideas ever.

The concept of Virtual Reality has been around for decades, but only in the last few years has it started focusing on a consumer level distribution. Games like the Batman VR will create a new market for developers to build towards. But what will they create? Here are a few suggestions for people who know a bit more about making video games than we do.

5 Other Games They Should Make Now That the Batman VR Game is Coming Out

  1. James Bond – A Golden Eye style game to recreate everyone’s childhood. You could play as the sharp shooter to fight all the villains and immerse yourself in the world of 007. James Bond is always smooth and classy, and being able to look as good as he does in a tux would be amazing.
    Batman VR


  1. Star Trek – A game that would let you travel through space in the name of the federation. Maybe you could be the captain of the ship, and you have to deal with all the scenarios that present themselves. You can pilot the ship through space debris, go on missions to various planets, and fight off enemies. Just imagine how fun it could be to explore space while in the safety of you own home. Just don’t wear a red shirt!


  1. Harry Potter – The wizarding world is one of the most detailed universes that has ever been created. Imagine if you could explore Hogwarts in VR? There is a theme park you can go to, but the crazy crowds and the vendors trying to sell overpriced souvenirs really takes away from the authenticity. It would be so fun if you got to take Transfiguration, Charms, and (ugh) potions. Imagine walking through the Forbidden Forrest and meeting the monsters that only Hagrid could love. There are rumours that there might one day be a Harry Potter Go after the success of Pokemon Go, but there will never be too much Harry Potter merchandise or experiences.


  1. Lord of the Rings – Another incredibly detailed world that has potential for an amazing journey. If you have to return the ring, do you think you could do it? Such a long journey but if you got to travel with your hobbit friends out of the Shire.
    lord of the rings


  1. Marvel’s Avengers – Who doesn’t want to try out Iron Man’s suit? Or see what it would be like to hold the shield or wield the hammer? Marvel and DC are always put head to head against each other given that they are the two biggest and most popular comic franchises, so there is little doubt that Marvel wouldn’t let too long pass before they try to compete with the Batman VR Game. Maybe they would do an original story, maybe you could switch between different characters, or even if it was just an Iron Man story you could see what it would be like to operate with Jarvis helping you out at every turn.