Pokemon Go Player Falls Into a Pond

This Week’s Fail: Pokemon Go Player Falls Into a Pond

Looks like Gragas is blasting off again! A video where a Pokemon Go player falls into a pond has surfaced recently. Luckily for him, his phone surfaced too. Focusing so hard on “Catching ’em all” has left a man looking like he came out of the wrong end of a Magikarp spash-fest. It seemed like a routine midnight outing for the Twitch streamer Gragas to Prospect Park in Brooklyn. And yes, for Pokemon Go players, this is routine. His unfortunate accident led to a viral video of him walking directly into a pond. And if he didn’t know “Surf”, he would have been a goner.

About Pokemon Go

You’ve seen them. You’ve seen them everywhere. Hundreds of people, walking around, looking at their phones. No other game in history has gotten people out of their houses and running around outside like Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go has even become the subject of memes. But what is it exactly?

pokemon go player falls into a pond

Pokemon Go is a new chapter in the ever-popular game. If you’ve just recently come out from under that rock, it’s the world’s second-most successful game franchise (behind our friendly Italian plumber, Mario). In the Pokemon world, players (called “trainers”) would normally run around and explore the countryside, catching Pokemon and training them to fight other trainer’s Pokemon. This may sound like a terrible, dogfight-endorsing game, but trust us, it’s all good.

pokemon red

The difference between Pokemon Go and the previous installations, it relies on smartphones, cameras, and GPS tracking. What used to be done on couches and schoolbuses around the world, entirely crammed into a 2-D world, is now almost a virtual-reality experience. Pokemon appear in one’s camera, giving the illusion that they exist in the real world. It’s the ultimate AR (Augmented Reality) experience.

But in the future, will we be able to play Pokemon in Virtual Reality? Coders have found VR files in the code of Pokemon Go, so that may come sooner than we think. And that will be a treat. All of our 2-D dreams as kids could very well become 3-D. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the future.