Pokemon Go With Hoverboards: Now Without Exercise!

As we all know, Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm. Remember what took the world by storm in 2015? Hoverboards. Two-wheeled self-balancing scooters that were less dorky than Segways but more explosive than bicycles. Now, with its ingenious augmented reality system, Pokemon Go has changed the video game world forever. Thousands of people are running away from their basements and bedrooms and outside. It’s the Pokemon they dreamed about as kids. But now? It’s reality. Pokemon Go with hoverboards? Perfection.

But of course, it requires walking. A lot of walking. Hatching an egg could require anywhere from two to ten kilometers (or 1¼ miles to 6.2 miles, respectively) of walking. People have gotten lazy. Come on, this is America. The land of the free and the home of the whopper. People are too lazy to get exercise.

But now the big ol’ U. S. and A. is enveloped by the world of Pokemon. And nothing stops a trainer on his/her quest of catching ’em all. If we’re lazy, we’ll find a way. Already, some things have been tried.