The “Hair Guy” Talks Fashion, Fame, and You Guessed It…Hair!


After receiving a modeling contract and leaving his career as a semi-professional football player (soccer here in the States ;P), Ahmet Kaplan was thrust into the limelight. Starting to post on social media less than two years ago, Ahmet has amassed a following of over 300,000! A genius on all things hair, he is known as @kapoofk, or the “hair guy”, but Ahmet also has some big plans to surely shake up the fashion industry. Check out our exclusive interview with him below!

There is a lot of information which my followers don’t know about me and the reason is because keeping my private life is very important to me.




  • What goes into creating a post?
    • The effort begins when I choose your outfit and style. After this, I choose the right place and position. Taking the pictures doesn’t take so much time, it takes more time for editing the pictures so that the followers have a nice post. Making videos are more difficult. It takes about one week to create a short video with high quality. I have to record every scene often and after I have the records, I’m editing it in a professional video. The most difficult part is choosing the right track for the video.
  • What can your audience look forward to? Any upcoming trends?
    • I’m thinking about starting my own YouTube channel for my videos. There is also a vision I have since I began modeling… it’s my biggest wish to own a fashion-label with my own ideas. Maybe someday this will come true. (We sure hope so too, Ahmet!)
  • What is your go-to style for summer?
    • In the summer I like colorful and fresh styles. It happens very often that people don’t like my style at first time because it’s really crazy, but after a while most of them are asking me where I got it.
  • What trend/styles do you see yourself in for the fall?
    • I didn’t think too much about the trends for fall but I think it will be more denim/jeans.



  • What do you love most about hairstyling?
    • I think styling your hair changes completely your look and gives you a charismatic touch but honestly sometimes it is really annoying to get the perfect hairstyle.
  • How do you achieve your flawless hair especially in the heat?
    • To get the perfect style also in the summer you need special products. You can see which products I’m using (and how) on my Instagram or Facebook. 😉
  • Lastly, how do you see social media influencing in the future? Has it changed since you’ve started?
    • Social media is getting more important to everybody’s life, every day. In my opinion, it’s already the most important media where people are getting the latest fashion and information. Since I have started, I feel that the people are using more social media and are buying on the internet and less in the stores.




Hopefully we will be buying some clothes from you and fashion line soon!