Who is Harrison Ford’s Son, Malcolm Ford?

Harrison Ford’s Son – Malcolm Ford

Everybody knows Harrison Ford. He starred in films such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Blade Runner, and The Fugitive are a few of the many blockbuster films he was part of. But aside from the blaster-wielding, whip-snapping hero that we’ve seen, what else do we know about him? An interesting part of Harrison Ford’s life is his family. He has been married three times, and is currently with Calista Flockhart. One of his children, Malcolm Ford, was the son of Harrison Ford and ex-wife Melissa Mathison. So who is Harrison Ford’s son? And what do we know about him? We know his father was successful, but that doesn’t guarantee anything for Malcolm Ford. Great kid, don’t get cocky. Regardless, he’s now on his own, recording music for a band called The Dough Rollers. Let’s take an inside look at the life of Harrison Ford’s son.

He’s part of The Dough Rollers, not the Rebel Alliance

Malcolm Ford was born to Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison in 1990. He has four siblings. If you took a look at him, he looks a lot different than his dad. Though maybe, if he was flying the Millennium Falcon, he wouldn’t look too out of place. Check out the white shirt and black vest. If that doesn’t scream “I made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs”, we don’t know what does. The tattoos and red hair? Maybe not.

Is he into acting? No. But he is into art. Specifically, music. Malcolm Ford plays in a band called The Dough Rollers. The band formed in 2008. They aren’t the most well known band, but their great talent landed them on The Late Show with David Letterman. They also got a chance to be a supporting act for Billy Idol. Other famous bands that The Dough Rollers toured with included Bob Dylan, Queens of the Stone Age, and John Mellencamp. What a resume these guys have!

Can we say he was the black sheep of the family?

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