Here’s Why Starbucks Misspells Your Name

Anyone who has ever been to a Starbucks knows that the company’s baristas are famous for misspelling customer’s names on their beverage cups. And, though, most guests write it off as a lack of spelling skills on the employees parts, YouTube channel Super Deluxe has their own theory, and it’s much more nefarious than you’d think!

At the top of the video, our host addresses the viewer by stating a common truth: “If you’ve ever gotten a cup of coffee from Starbucks, they’ve probably misspelled your name.”

That’s a hard statement to argue with, so Super Deluxe decided to do an experiment of their own. They sent out one of their employees, Molly—chosen for her easy-to-spell name—to five different Starbucks to see how each one would spell her name on that iconic paper cup.

The results came out as no surprise; 3 out of the 5 random Starbucks chosen misspelled her name. She ended up with a ‘Molli,’ ‘Mali’, and ‘Mommy.’

Now that Super Deluxe has the proof of this misspelling madness, they dispense their own theory as to why this phenomenon is happening. Their idea is that the company is ordering its baristas to spell these super common names wrong in order to subconsciously get people to buy more of their famous coffee.

The idea is that, if you go to Starbucks and get a cup back with your name misspelled, you may post it on social media, which gives your friends and followers the idea to go out and do the same. Here’s what our host thinks:

“You’ve been giving Starbucks free advertising for years. That innocent little scribble on the side of your Pumpkin Spice Latte is tugging at the subconscious of your friends to go out and buy Pumpkin Spice Lattes of their own, only to have their names misspelled, take a picture, and thereby perpetuate this frothy cycle of control.”

And, though a conspiracy theory like this seems improbable, it is an interesting one, nonetheless, especially considering the fact that Starbucks has the tendency to spend much of their energy on marketing their brand via social media.

Starbucks barista hands customer coffee
Source: Flickr

Even though we would love to believe Super Deluxe’s imaginative idea, we are more inclined to believe the words that one Starbucks assistant manager said to Cosmopolitan back in 2014. When asked about if she ever intentionally misspells people’s names on the cups, she responded with this:

“Most mornings I just do it to mess with people. I love to see their reactions. But my regulars have come to love it. I have a lot of Jessicas come in, and I’ve done every variation on that name you can imagine.”

Watch Super Deluxe’s video for yourself to see if you agree with their philosophy.