2020 Olympics: New Events We Want to See

With the 2016 Summer Olympics wrapping up, everyone is beginning to look ahead to the 2020 Olympics. It is often speculated that perhaps new events might be added to the schedule to continue to expand what the world’s greatest athletes could compete in. The thing is, there are already so many athletic events, maybe they should start a second tier of the Olympics for those of us maybe not quite up to the same standards, but have very impressive summer related skills of our own. Here are some examples for the Non-Athletic 2020 Olympics.


5 New Potential Events for the 2020 Olympics

  1. Grilling – Summer means one thing to a lot of people: Barbecue. The thing about this category is that it could even be supplemented into a bunch of different categories, like how the running category has different distances. Now, you can have categories such as
    • Hamburgers
    • Hotdogs
    • Steaks (separate into doneness for an interesting relay)
    • Skewers and kebabs
    • Freestyle BBQ

    You may think that doesn’t show a lot of athletic ability, but if you really think about it, there is a lot of coordination and focus required if you want to guarantee you get the prefect grill marks. Plus, it amounts to a gymnastics-level of artistic talent to get a perfect grilling!

  2. Pool Lounging – Swimming is such a popular sport in the Olympics. We get it Michael Phelps, now step aside. It is time for the 1000 m Lazy River. Athletes compete in an endurance event where the last person who can remain in their inner tube wins. Pruned toes and full bladders will create the obstacles, and competitors will also need to watch out for sabotage from their fellow floating foes.
    lazy river
  3. The Great Netflix Binge – With the end of the regular television season at the beginning of summer, Netflix often updates it’s television shows as they become available. The next event will be another endurance event but with a timing element. If everyone has a certain show they need to watch and complete, they are racing against each other. They are required to pause any time they need to leave for a washroom break or to make a meal, and if they fall asleep they must start the episode over. To make sure that people are actually paying attention, there will likely need to be comprehension tests about plot and character development. That will be the best way to guarantee people aren’t cheating.
  4. Gardening Challenge – Who makes the most impressive garden? Who can weed the garden the fastest? Who can plant the best looking garden? Who plants the proper flowers based on the type of soil and sun to shade ratio? Endless opportunities on an Olympic event that would not only be impressive, but very beautiful!
    2020 olympics
  5. Wedding Guest Test – Summer is the season of weddings, so why not let those who have to attend all those weddings gain little notoriety? Best dance moves, best wedding gifts, most thoughtful toast, all these sound like fair categories that would be part of the main event. Perhaps it would be a marathon type relay, where there would be teams of guests who have to plan an entire wedding from start to end, from engagement party to wedding party. It is quite the task. Although you would need to decide who would be the judge, if it would be a third party or the couple getting married.