Bank Robber Caught After Stopping for TV Interview

Bank Robbery caught on Tv
Source: Flickr

Note to self, if you plan to do a couple of bank heists, don’t stop in between them to do a television interview. We’d like to introduce you to Eric Rivers, otherwise known as “knucklehead of the week.” Apparently, this bank robber thought it was a good idea to stop and talk to a reporter doing a story about public transportation.

Yes. You did read that correctly.

Rivers had allegedly just robbed the Chase Bank in Lawrenceville, Georgia and was on his way to hit another bank when he decided to do an interview with a WGCL television reporter. The bank robber even took the time to take off the hat and du-rag he wore in the heist so he would look good on camera.

After the interview, this “knucklehead” continued on to the next bank on his list. It seems this dude did not think his plan through because the manager of Chase Bank saw him walk toward the WGCL new van upon leaving the bank with the cash. He also isn’t that good of a bank robber because out of five robbery attempts, he was only able to escape with money in two of the incidents.

Obviously, Rivers is not cut out for a life of crime. Although we do not condone robbing banks as a means of supporting yourself, we also believe you should never stop for a television interview immediately after you get away with the cash.

No doubt, he is probably sitting in lockup as we speak, scratching his head and wondering what he did wrong. Perhaps his fellow cellmates will be able to help him see why his robbery attempt failed.

Some people are just not cut out for the criminal life. And Eric Rivers will most likely go down in history as one of “Georgia’s Most Stupid Criminals.”