Canadian Man Gets Fined for Singing “Everybody Dance Now”

Well what else are you supposed to do when C+C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat” suddenly comes up on the radio?

Taoufik Moalla was caught singing the immortal refrain “Everybody dance now!” – an act many of us have been guilty of at some point in our lives. But I guess the difference is we never got caught doing it.

Sadly, the police were apparently near at hand when Moalla belted out that refrain while driving in his car around his home in Montreal. The police asked Moalla if he’d been screaming. He said no: he was just singing. So the police checked his identification and the inside of his car. They ended up issuing him a fine for 149 Canadian dollars (about $118 in U.S. currency).

Singing in your car is a crime?

Police lights from behind - Man fined for singing everybody dance now
Source: US Defence

Apparently singing in your car is a crime in Canada.

Or maybe his singing was so bad, the cops took offense? Or do they just hate 90’s music?

Here in the U.S., we tend to think of Canadians as more chill, as opposed to Americans. They just play hockey and eat fake bacon. Canada’s got a nice, mild climate, a pretty low-key political structure, and free healthcare. Also maple syrup. A lot of us considered moving there after the recent election. But now, aren’t you glad you didn’t? Apparently the Canadians aren’t as chill as we thought. I mean, they fine people just for singing in their cars.

The police issued Moalla a ticket for screaming in a public place, but Moalla has contested the ticket. According to him: “I wasn’t screaming, I was singing. In my car.”

What’s more, he was only several feet away from his house at the time. And in his car. Not exactly in a “public place.” He also says he wasn’t even singing that loudly.

The Canadian police have declined to comment. And as far as we know, there’s been no word from C+C Music Factory. But let this be a lesson to you: watch out for that “Everybody Dance Now” song: apparently it’s a gateway crime. Especially in Canada.