Chicago Art Institute Says Trump’s Renoir Is a Fake

Poor President Trump: it seems nothing in his life is actually real. First he had to deal with that fake Time cover, then the fake news phenomenon, and now a fake Impressionist painting.

The painting Two Sisters (On the Terrace) by French Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir currently hangs in Trump Tower. Apparently President Trump told his biographer, Tim O’Brien, that the painting is an original.

There’s only one problem: Two Sisters (On the Terrace) also currently hangs in the Chicago Institute of Art. In fact, it’s been there for 80 years, ever since a donor gifted the painting to the museum in 1933.

So which painting is the real deal?

Bob Ross Renoir Fake Painting Donald Trump

Well, unless Renoir secretly painted two identical works, President Trump’s case isn’t looking too good. The donor who gave the Chicago Institute its Renoir painting reportedly purchased it from art dealer Paul Durand-Ruel for $100,000. Ruel purchased it directly from Renoir himself in 1881. A spokesperson from the Chicago Institute said the museum is “satisfied that our version is real.”

This is horribly embarrassing. Someone really needs to tell the President.

Oh, wait – someone already did. Apparently the painting used to hang in Trump’s private jet (yeah, yeah), and the President told O’Brien it was an original. O’Brien begged to differ, but Trump must not have listened, because he’s still got the painting.

So OK, President Trump’s little blunder is an amusing story, but what’s the point? Well, the incident of the fake Renoir painting sort of encapsulates Trump’s entire presidency. The painting’s a fake; and what’s more, everyone knows it’s a fake. But somehow it’s hanging in Trump tower. And President Trump keeps asserting its authenticity, even though everyone knows it’s not true. (Maybe if he says it enough times, it will become true?) Later we’ll probably find out this whole story is just fake news, or maybe the Russians hacked the art world or something….

In the meantime, just to be on the safe side, President Trump might want to relocate the painting to one of his golf clubs, where it will look nice next to that fake Time magazine cover.