The End of the Chuck E. Cheese Band That Inspired Both Delight and Terror

Chuck E Cheese Band Names - animatronic band member names
Source: Flickr

To many people, this news will be a profound relief: Chuck E. Cheese restaurant chain’s animatronic band will soon become a thing of the past. That’s right – just like The Beatles, REM, and NSYNC, the Chuck E. Cheese band is breaking up.

Munch’s Make Believe Band has long provoked both delight and terror from kids visiting Chuck E. Cheese’s (With that name, it’s no wonder the band couldn’t keep sustaining itself.).

Chuck E Cheese Band Member Names

Munch’s band featured frontman (or frontmouse, anyway) Chuck E. Cheese, with co-singer Helen Henny – the most utterly terrifying duck I have ever seen in my life. On keyboards was Mr. Munch: a purple hippo who looked more inclined to leap off the stage and devour all the children in the restaurant than play the piano. On guitar we had Jasper T. Jowls, a strange dog with a cowboy obsession. And rounding out the band was Pasqually P. Pieplate on percussion. (Many people have long suspected he only chose that instrument because of the alliteration.)

Whatever you may say about Mr. Munch looking extremely hungry and Helen Henny having a huge beak, there’s no denying that Pasqually P. Pieplate was absolutely the most terrifying member of Munch’s Make Believe Band. Also, he was just plain confusing. While all the other band members were obviously animals (even if some of us had trouble identifying Munch as a hippo), Pieplate was a human. This led many of us to wonder what he was doing in the band in the first place. (We also wondered why Chuck E. Cheese’s band was named after Munch the keyboard player, but we’re not likely to get an answer to that question anytime soon.)

With his gravity defying mustache and demonic yellow eyes, Pieplate seemed born to inspire fear in the hearts of small children. The fact that he also seemed to be the pizza chef made us even more uneasy. For one thing, we weren’t sure what the heck he was doing playing percussion with the Chuck E. Cheese band when we had clearly just ordered pizza and were waiting for him to bake it. Then again, if Pieplate was the pizza chef, we weren’t sure we wanted pizza after all.

Now small children can rest easy at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Though some of us may still have nightmares for years to come.