Halloween Candy: Not All Kinds Are Created Equal

Source: Flickr

Halloween means one thing: candy.

OK, it also means costumes, trick-or-treating, scary movies, and pumpkin patches. But I’m prioritizing.┬áThe important thing is candy.

However, not all Halloween candy is created equal. From year-old candy corn to full-sized chocolate bars, here’s a humorous rundown of Halloween candy:

Candy Corn!

Candy Corn
Source: Wikimedia Commons

With regards to candy corn, there are two types of people: those who absolutely can’t stand it, and those who love it for some strange reason they can’t even explain to themselves. Another thing no one can explain is exactly what candy corn tastes like. It’s vaguely sweet and sugary, but after that, the taste-buds hit a wall. And does the white part really taste different from the orange and yellow parts? Whatever you do, beware of candy corn that has been sitting at the top of the closet with your Halloween decorations for several years.