Harambe Cheeto Sells for $100,000 on eBay

Sometimes, money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy you a place in meme history. Recently, an eBay user bid nearly $100,000 for… wait for it… a cheeto. Yes, you heard right. A cheeto. But not just any old Jesus-shaped cheeto or cheeto touched by one of the Jonas brothers, this was a Harambe Cheeto. Yes, a cheeto shaped like our fallen gorilla, that still manages to live on in history as a meme. This went viral, and shows that many people still have their dicks out for Harambe.

The Case of the Harambe Cheeto

Harambe was the subject of one of 2016’s biggest memes after his death at the Cincinnati in May 2016. The memes would not stop after the new year, though, as a Harambe cheeto appeared on eBay. Often, food that resembles something, like toast that looks like Jesus, can fetch a fair price online. One particular grilled cheese sandwich that looked like the Virgin Mary fetched $28,000 on eBay. A George Washington Chicken nugget fetched $8,100.

This wasn’t the first time the user tried selling a cheeto. Normally, he or she sticks to selling Blu-ray DVD’s. Yes, that’s a consistent venture to get some consistent money, but why not aim a little higher? It’s risky, for sure. The person previously tried selling Harambe Cheetos 3 times in the past, none of which got any bids. But persistence paid off, and it did big time. @FatKidDeals, with its large following of 87,400, tweeted a picture with the Harambe cheeto.

Now, thousands of people saw it, and the bids grew exponentially. The original $12 bid went up by a mere 49 cents, but then eventually kept doubling. $120 became 200, then $400 became $900. Pretty soon, $2000 became $4000, and before anyone would have known it, the Harambe cheeto was sold for $99,900. Not bad for the $1 that the guy spent on the original bag.

Dicks Out for Harambe, Still

Harambe was a gorilla living at the Cincinnati Zoo that was murderously shot dead after a three-year-old fell into its enclosure. The child had fallen 15 feet into a shallow water pit and had been picked up and dragged around by the gorilla. The zookeepers claimed they had no choice but to shoot and kill Harambe, resulting in non-stop memes and tributes to the fallen gorilla. The phrase “Dicks out for Harambe” has become one of the more known catchphrases of 2016.

We will never know if or when the memes will stop. But, Harambe has sure earned his place in history. The biggest takeaway? Be sure to check every cheeto, potato chip, chicken strip, or whatever. You might just be swallowing tens of thousands of dollars.