Kids Crashing Newscasts – The Cutest Thing Ever!

After the 2016 election, we all know that news coverage is getting really dreary. Many people do not want to watch the news anymore. Seeing the world descend ever closer to the fiery gates of hell isn’t much fun. But sometimes, the news can offer a bit of unscripted, cute fun. Twice this week, it wasn’t Donald Trump making headlines, it was kids. Two separate incidents of kids crashing newscasts has changed America’s collected sigh of disdain into a group awww-fest. It just goes to show that news bloopers are even better when they involve children.

Back in 2006, one of the most notable news bloopers involving kids turned into a viral meme. A reporter asked Jonathon Ware about the face-painting that he had received at a local fair, and he replied with three words that changed the internet forever.

But that was years ago. The internet needs more viral content of kids on TV. Recently, there was also the Apparently Kid, who even appeared on Ellen. But right at the beginning of 2017, we have a fresh crop of kids that were ready to launch themselves into superstardom.

The first one occurred on the local WLBT in Mississippi. A lawyer who hosts a segment on the news appeared on the show, but it was his son Houston who stole the show. Only eight years old, the boy managed to snag his 15 minutes of fame in around 15 seconds, storming into the weather forecast and delivering a little storm of his own. The weatherman, Patrick Ellis, was caught off-guard as the child ran into the shot, screaming in delight as the limelight shifted to him. He even proceeded to fart on the weatherman before being dragged away by his dad.

WLBT employees are permitted to bring their children into the studio on Saturdays, so this probably wasn’t Houston’s first visit to the station. But this will forever be remembered as his first time on television, and good or not, the first time that he has gone viral.

Kid Crashes WLBT Newscast

kid farts on weatherman kids crashing newscasts