My Life Is a Lie – The 10 Biggest Lies in Your Life Right Now

My life is a lie

Some things in life are just lies. I’m not talking about that person at work who always looks perfect, makes twice as much money as you do, has six kids, and runs a successful catering business on the side. I’m also not talking about the 2016 election, or the 2014 Sochi Olympics. What I am talking about are those little things that lie to you on a daily basis, upsetting your otherwise serene life and gradually driving you to the verge of insanity one tiny moment at a time.

Here are 10 things guaranteed to make you say: My life is a lie.

1. “Open Here” tab on Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

Open Macaroni and Cheese
Source: theBERRY

Never once has it opened for me. I don’t know if you need a magic password (“Open Sesame” didn’t seem to do it) or what. I usually just end up ripping the whole top off in a rage of frustrated childhood hopes.