Meet the Man Who Covers Pop Songs With A Recorder

Does your interest in music know no bounds? Can you sing a pitch perfect “I Will Always Love You”, employ the perfect death metal scream, then beatbox with the best of them? Can you name all of the members of N.W.A., Girls’ Generation, and One Direction without blinking an eye? If so, you might consider yourself a music buff. But have you heard of Matt Mulholland? The famous New Zealand musician may be new to some, but it’s a less-known musical instrument that’s stealing the show. It’s not a guitar, it’s not a piano, and not a violin. It’s a recorder. These classic Matt Mulholland recorder covers have taken the internet by storm, recording millions of views.

Matt Mulholland Recorder Videos a Viral Sensation

child playing a recorder
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Ah, the recorder. The instrument of choice during our elementary school music classes. Dutifully, we played “Jingle Bells”, “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, and everyone’s favorite, “Hot Cross Buns”. But beyond that, what? For most of us, the recorder that the school forced us to purchase sat in our closets for years, gathering dust and growing a colony of bacteria from the endless pints of spit that our prepubescent mouths could force through that god-forsaken mouthpiece. But for Matt Mulholland, he remained loyal to his trusty woodwind.

Mulholland’s mastery of the recorder has shown us that anything is possible. Even that clumsy sixth-grader, screeching off-key notes during the Christmas concert, could develop musical talent. As Mulholland shows, many years of dedication, even if it’s to such a simple instrument as a recorder, can lead to beautiful music. You can see the dedication in his videos. He is able to master not only the recorder, but also the guitar, piano, and trumpet. A multi-instrument talent!

Matt Mulholland Recorder Covers

Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On

This was the video that started it all. This video, the most famous of them all, has over 13 million views. And we can see why.

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