Mickey Mouse May Finally Be Allowed To Speak At Disneyland

Mickey Mouse Mascot Talking – The First Time Ever!

Remember going to Disneyland and being disappointed by the mute Mickey? Now, you can experience the Mickey Mouse Mascot talking for the first time ever!

Mickey Mouse Mascot Hates Job
Source: Flickr

In general, Disney is a pretty open-minded company. But there’s one way in which they’ve been mercilessly oppressive for over 60 years. If you’ve ever visited Disneyland or Disneyworld, you’ve observed this phenomenon, most likely without even realizing it.

I’m talking about the fact that Mickey Mouse isn’t allowed to speak.

I mean come on Disney – Mickey is your oldest and most dedicated employee. He’s also iconic: Disney without Mickey Mouse just wouldn’t be Disney. And yet, in the 62 years since Disneyland’s opening, not once has Mickey been allowed to speak. He’s been forced to greet fans in complete silence, which I’m sure is a source of great embarrassment to poor Mickey. But the oppression doesn’t end there. None of Mickey’s friends have been allowed to raise their voices, either. There’s clearly a bias in favor of humans at Disneyland. Characters like Elsa, Anna, Captain America, and Peter Pan can gab all they want with fans. Heck, even Ariel gets to speak, and she’s only half human!.

Well, my friends, after 62 years of suffering in silence, Mickey and his friends will finally be able to greet fans using their own voices. The cycle of oppression is ending.

Disney tests out a talking Mickey Mouse

California Adventure recently tested out talking characters at the theme park. Several fan videos show Mickey, Minnie, and even Donald Duck reminiscing with Disney visitors. (Of course, poor Donald may finally be able to talk, but that doesn’t mean any of us have the faintest idea what he’s actually saying).

The trio also got updated costumes – most notably, some pretty hip denim jackets. We’re glad Disney has finally allowed its characters to dress in modern, 21st century attire like the rest of the world. Minnie’s polka dot dress and high heels were just keeping her in the role of submissive 50s housewife. And we’re pretty sure Donald was getting tired of wearing that sailor suit around all the time.

Hopefully the trend will catch on, and characters throughout all Disney’s theme parks will be allowed to speak, breaking the characteristic Disney silence at last.