Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! (August 4)

I’m having an existential crisis because I just realized the chocolate chip cookie has only been around for 79 years. Yep. It only came into being in 1938. That means that someone in their 90s today might remember a time when chocolate chip cookies didn’t exist! Now I’m questioning everything I know, trying to imagine life without chocolate chip cookies.

It’s almost too horrible to fathom, but let’s take a deep breath and play along for just a few minutes. You would never come home to the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. That delicious, comforting aroma that promises good things in the near future. You would never enjoy the mouth-tingling sensation of biting into a warm, soft cookie and catching a sweet, gooey chocolate chip.

But let’s not leave cookie dough out of this. Because chocolate chip cookie dough is, arguably, the best out there. Never would you devour half the cookie dough before even baking the actual cookies. Scooping up spoonful after spoonful of pure sweet chocolate and doughy goodness. Bravely facing the fear of salmonella for a few mouthfuls of sugary melting softness.

Heavenly cookies
Source: Pixabay

And milk! Where would milk be without chocolate chip cookies? So lonely. So desperate. For very few people would take to drinking milk in the absence of this time-honored partnership. We might still put it on our cereal. But without that chocolate chip cookie to dip in it, milk would lose much of its luster.

And how many random acts of kindness would be forever left unfulfilled? For chocolate chip cookies, among the easiest to make with the most successful results, are a standard of service. When you want to help a friend in need but can’t think of a way, you inevitably resort to chocolate chip cookies. As well you should. Who in the whole wide world does not love chocolate chip cookies?

Happily, we all live in the post-chocolate chip cookie era. And as such, we will never have to try and fathom the meaning of life in a dark and void chocolate chip cookie-absent universe. (Sigh).

Incidentally, the chocolate chip cookie was invented by an American woman. I think she should be canonized.