New Tomorrowland Park — is it Worth it?

Disneyland was synonymous with nostalgia… Until now. The New Tomorrowland park at the Disneyland in Shanghai is based on the premise of a distant future and has gone all out in the design.

In what seems like an attempt to keep up with Universal’s ever popular Hogwarts attractions, Disney seems to have put a lot of eggs in one basket, banking on the success of the Tomorrowland movie. The movie didn’t necessarily do great, but the park still looks amazing. Unique innovations include a Tron-style coaster, which uses the “light cycles” on a complex track with enough wiring and cable to circle Shanghai 37 times.

New Tomorrowland Park

The amount of technological advances that are available now compared to the original Tomorrowland will allow a much more futuristic feeling throughout the park, with park designer Scot Drake claiming that “This is not a tech showcase, but it has more technology than you can possibly believe.”

And Disney isn’t just working on new parks to try to stay on top. The company has also recently collaborated with Coach to make a series of bags based around a Mickey Mouse theme. It seems as though Disney has noticed that many fans have grown up a bit, but still want to sport some mouse ears in a way that is a little more socially acceptable and classy.

New Tomorrowland Park

Now you can own a fancy leather purse or backpack with either a cute little Mickey stitched on, or even with large mouse ears on top. Either way, we say go for it. If you can afford to purchase a Coach bag, why not get one with a little more personality?

What else could Disney do to draw in some more people to their parks if the new Tomorrowland Park doesn’t work?

Ideas for Disney to Attract Customers if the New Tomorrowland Park Doesn’t Work

1. Invest in updating the Star Wars area

With the recent success and excitement surrounding The Force Awakens and the Rogue One movie due this year, Disney would be smart to cash in now and update it to include more recent merchandise and activities. Maybe something to do with everyone’s new favourite droid BB8? There is a lot of opportunity there and with more movies to come, they have a guaranteed interest for a while.

2. Either make a Deal with Netflix or make their own Streaming Service

Disney movies are slowly starting to appear on Netflix, but there is a big backlog of those that aren’t available. Also, there are a lot of great shows on the Disney channels that they could put out on their own streaming service. Everything from Pirates of the Caribbean to Frozen, and from Little Mermaid to Mickey Mouse Club… they just aren’t easily accessible. Who doesn’t want to watch old episodes and see all those stars before they got extensions or knew what the term “frosted tips” meant?

New Tomorrowland Park

3. Stop stressing about being relevant and do what they do best: Have fun

If you have ever been in a Disney park or watched a Disney movie or TV show, it is always very clear that the best aspects are the times when everyone seems to be having the most fun. Instead of always worrying about every dollar and cent, it would be nice if they could just focus on the magic and the smiles they bring all around for the young and old alike. You don’t always have to try to top everyone with a new Tomorrowland Park; sometimes it’s nice just to know you make people happy. Unfortunately, business doesn’t work like that, so we will have to live with the corporate Mickey and just wait for the glimpses of magic to slip through.