You Are Not The Father! – Maury, Jerry Springer, and Trash TV

We have been watching them for years. Many of us don’t want to admit it, but we love to hear Maury say “You are not the father.” It’s not that we want to see people down on their luck, we just can’t believe what we’re seeing. Oh sure, in the beginning, we all thought Maury Povich would be like other daytime talk shows, interesting, but not exciting.

But once Jerry Springer emerged on the scene, it was obvious Povich had to join the world of “trash television” or get left behind. And so, the DNA test and lie detector tests became part of his usual lineup. As we sit glued to the TV each day, hearing Maury bellow out his famous “You are NOT the father!”, we can’t help but wonder if the guests are real or are they paid actors.

According to the host and his producer, all the guest are real people with a problem they want Maury to help them with. We weren’t aware he was a therapist, but okay. Guests are selected from a group of 100 people that call in weekly looking for the opportunity to find out the paternity of their child or if their partner is being faithful.

You are NOT the Father!

Maury is famous for giving guests lie detector tests. Source: Ricochet.
Maury is famous for giving guests lie detector and DNA tests.
Source: Ricochet.

Once Maury goes off the air, Jerry Springer comes on and that’s when the really unbelievable emerges. Only on the Springer show can you see a mother and daughters fist-fighting over the same man. Guests throw water on each other, rip off their wigs and roll around on the floor all while declaring their love for that special someone. Unfortunately, it is real.

People will do anything for 15-minutes of fame or for a few dollars and a trip to stay out of town in a hotel. Can’t imagine airing your dirty laundry on national television. Don’t worry, there are plenty of people that will. After all, where else can you get $50 and a stay in a hotel with room service?

So the young woman that tested over seven men in search of her child’s father is real. Sad but true, and she is still searching.

Still, can’t believe these are real guests? We’re pretty shocked too! Please feel free to continue your shock and horror as you watch some of Jerry Springer’s most famous fights below.

And remember, they called in to be guests on the show. Oh my!