Just How Accurate Are Online Maps?

You’ve planned the most amazing family vacation. You and your family will embark on an exciting adventure touring great sites all across the country. Car trips can be fun, but will that online mapping system get you where you need to go?

These days there’s an app for everything and you have to admit you have multiple apps on your phone. But would you trust one of them with you and your precious cargo? Sure they’re fine┬áto get you to a birthday party for your kids or to that new restaurant everyone has been raving about. But a cross country trip?

Ehh. We’re not too sure.

Google maps Anahim Lake to Spuzzum
Source: Google Maps

Just think about it. You remember that night you were barreling down the freeway in the pouring rain and suddenly the app says “turn right here.”

“Say what now?” You ask the voice coming from the dashboard. “Turn right here,” it commands again.

You get over into the right lane to make your turn even though you are skeptical. And as you make the turn, there is a line of cars speeding toward you. They blow their horns at you as you pull over onto the median. You wipe the sweat from your brow and try to regain your composure. When it’s clear, you get turned around and head in the right direction vowing never to use an online app again.

Sound familiar? Maybe. Maybe not. Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones that hasn’t been sent the wrong way or into a sketchy area while using your online mapping system. But, the reality is, it happens.

So before you decide to put all your faith in your online directional source, we suggest you learn how to read a map. It’s a great skill to have. Remember, in this day and age, technology can and does fail.